The Community Appeal is a project which has grown from strength to strength and each Appeal reflects the generosity of our community. The first formal Appeal was launched in 1996 and since then the Greek Welfare Centre has been organising a Community Appeal four times a year – usually in the months of April, July-October and December.

The purpose of these Appeals is to assist individuals and families who are experiencing hardship for various reasons e.g. mental or physical illness, unemployment, family breakdown, financial crises etc. Assistance provided with the Christmas and Easter Appeals is especially meaningful as these are periods when individuals and families are more likely to also experience the psycho-social impact of their situation.

The Appeals encourage individuals and groups within the community to show their support to people in need by contributing with monetary donations, clothing, canned food, household items and gifts. These gestures help to foster a sense of community and belonging to many people who otherwise don’t feel socially connected.

Through these Appeals, we continue to highlight and foster community spirit which shows the power and strength of our community when we pull together to assist others in need.

The response of the community continues to overwhelm and inspire us.

Information can be provided by contacting the Head Office in Newtown on 9516 2188 or