Community education projects are an important service of the Greek Welfare Centre. These projects aim to raise awareness within the Greek community of issues affecting individuals and families e.g. dementia, palliative care, family relationships, environment, mental health.

The Centre provides bi-lingual information and educational workshops, forums and workshops to various groups in our community both face-to-face and through Greek media (radio and print) on numerous topics, for example, marriage preparation, mental health, suicide prevention, parenting, addictions, resettlement etc.

Many mainstream services and government departments who want to access the Greek community or will seek the support and collaboration of the Greek Welfare Centre as they recognise the Centre is a key link to the community. Cultural awareness and competency training is another important role of the Greek Welfare Centre. This is frequently required and requested particularly in the area of health where nursing staff, doctors, social workers and allied health staff want to ensure that the service they are providing is accessible and culturally appropriate. The Greek Welfare Centre has a strong collaboration with various post-secondary and tertiary institutions. In addition to conference presentations, the Centre supervises student placements. Students from colleges, universities and schools are provided with opportunities at the Centre for practical experience in working with the community. Work experience and supervision is provided to students on request or at the request of the institution by qualified staff in line with agreed work/training placement goals.