For many people, it is not unusual to spend much time in preparing and planning for important decisions and phases of their lives including education, career, holidays and retirement.

Planning a wedding is one such milestone that couples invest as much as 250 hours of planning. The focus would appear to be in ensuring that the wedding day – ceremony and reception – goes smoothly and that the honeymoon is planned in detail.

In contrast, most couples spend very little time planning for married life even though there are numerous things to consider. There are many things that can be done to begin preparing and building a lifelong and happy marriage. Investing in one’s relationship and exploring each other’s values, beliefs, customs and culture is essential. Couples who do so will subsequently real the rewards and enjoy the benefit for years to come.

GWC Community Services of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia understands the importance of planning for married life and had developed a Marriage Preparation Course to assist young couples in doing this. The course enables couples to understand and appreciate various important aspects of married life for e.g. the role of the Church, the Holy Sacrament of Marriage, money matters etc. The course also teaches skills e.g. communication, negotiating roles, which are fundamental in building a happy and healthy marriage.

The aim of the course is to better prepare couples going into marriage and thereby enabling them to have a more positive future together. The centre organises three seminars each year and each seminar runs over two nights. The course is free.

Couples who are thinking of taking the next step are encouraged to contact the GWC Community Services to register for the course. Alternatively, arrangements may be made with the Parish Priest when they attend to register their wedding day. For more information or to register please call the Head Office in Newtown on 9516 2188 or complete the contact form below.

Please contact our Head Office in Newtown on (02) 9516 2188 or email for more information.