A “Healthy Brain Ageing” session conducted by Alzheimer’s Australia NSW in partnership with GWC Community Services was held at St Ioannis Greek Orthodox Church Parramatta on Thursday 23rd February for people interested in learning about healthy brain ageing, dementia risk reduction and where to get help for people living with dementia. Over 80 people attended the event.
The topics that were covered included:
– Overview of local dementia services
– The Brain
– Memory & Thinking changes with age
– What is Dementia?
– Facts & Figures—present and projected
– 5 Simple Steps to Maximise Your Brain Health
– Brain Health Challenge
– Q&A

Feedback and participation was positive. One participant stated, “I was happy to find out how the brain work and I am eager to put some of the preventative suggestions into practice, for example, healthy food choices”.

“I didn’t know how important exercise was to brain fitness”.

“I always knew olive oil was good for you!”

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